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Isetan,Shinjuku “VOGUE meets ISETAN!”

Isetan Shinjuku

Isetan,Shinjuku store is the most hip department store in Japan. Not only world’s top class brands but cutting edge Indie brands, which have a promising future, stand side by side in the store and highlight the fact that buyers of Isetan,Shinjuku Store are one of the elite groups in a fashion industry of Japan.

Anyway 8tokyo staff can’t ignore this department store, so we often go there but we don’t buy much because they are so expensive.

VOGUE meets ISETANThere is a special window display project in the store put together in collaboration with “VOGUE NIPPON(Japan)”.

So we checked it out. The theme of this project was “ISETAN x VOGUEAIRLINES” where by a fictitious airline took us on a trip of the latest fashions including 100 brands from all over the world.

VOGUE meets ISETAN window

That includes some Japanese brands such as Toga, Mina Perhonen, Muller of Yoshiokubo, and 20,000,000 fragments.

isetan toga


mina perhonen isetan

mina perhonen

20,000,000 fragments isetan

20,000,000 fragments

We would love to add in more about ISETAN SHINJUKU. Fashion included but also a food section in the basement level that has been renovated this spring and is great! We hope to introduce it next time.


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